Composite Steel Decking

  • Supply Metfloor Composite Floor Products MF55/MF60/MF80, direct from manufacturer reducing lead time & margins.
  • Supply TATA Roof Deck inc D32s/D35/D46/D60/D100/D137/D200
  • Full Design/Detailing Service – Technical Support from in-house design & detailing department, we are well placed to introduce new & innovative approaches to construction, using latest Tekla & CAD software.
  • Steel Deck & Roof Deck Installation, CSCS Qualified Specialist Operatives, All Professional site operatives are highly trained & upskilled to provide full installation service
  • WAH Fall Arrest Safety Net System, The most commonly used passive safety solution when installing steel decking is safety nets, quick & reliable safety solution that is hung from underside of steel beams & installed prior to the steel decking installation.
  • Composite Shear Stud Supply & Installation, providing shear connection between the steel member and the concrete welded directly to the top flange of steel member through the steel decking.

Tender Enquiry – Detailed Estimate/Quotation – Program Schedule/Delivery – Site Installation/Handover – Project Completion